Tuesday, September 17, 2013

$1 Oysters in Brooklyn

By the 19th Century in New York City, oysters on the half shell were already a birthright in this city — people ate them by the dozens then as they do today. At the time, something called the "Canal Street Plan" offered all-you-can-eat oysters for 6 cents. Imagine!

Brooklyn today still offers great oyster deals, but the best deals come in for around $1 per oyster ($1 would have bought all-you-can-eat oyster for 16 people on the Canal Street Plan). With the recent announcement that Dumbo's new lovechild Atrium will serve up $1 oysters at happy hour, we went on the hunt for Brooklyn's other great oyster deals.

In the meantime, if you hear of a revitalization of the Canal Street Plan, please let us know.

15 Main Street, Dumbo

The most accessible way to access Atrium, the new modern Mediterranean spot on Dumbo's waterfront, might be on the half shell. While entrees run from $16-$34, the happy hour oysters are just a buck each (daily from 5:30-7pm) and the view of the towering dining room space and vertical garden is just the same. more [Eater] >

Maison Premiere
298 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg

Praised and praised again by virtually every food publication in the city as one of the best places to fill up on oysters — dollar or otherwise — Maison Premiere offers rotating specials on oysters from 4-7pm daily. Get there quickly because the line gets long for these bivalves. more >

Lobster Joint
1073 Manhattan Ave, Greenpoint

$1 oysters and $4 oyster shooters are available weekdays from 4-7pm at this adorable Greenpoint "joint." If you stay past happy hour, the lobster dinner is a whopping $34, which will get you and two friends a beer and 7 oyster each. We know which way we'd go. more >

Hill Cafe
17 Putnam Ave, Clinton Hill

This adorable neighborhood spot ("Love, Love, LOVE this place," writes a Yelp reviewer) serves $1 oysters from 5-8pm. For the seafood lover, calamari, shrimp and brook trout also fill the menu on this Clinton Hill favorite. more > 

The Castello Plan
1213 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park

The Castello Plan might be connected to the Canal Street Plan, but this version only sells $1 oysters on Saturdays from 2-8pm. Oh well, they've got great wine, beer and cocktail specials too. more >

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