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Who writes under the egg

I'm Will Levitt, a food writer living in Brooklyn, New York.

By day, you can find me at Northside Media Group working on the Northside Festival and Taste Talks.

Before that, I was the Director of Events at cookNscribble, where I produced LongHouse Food Revivals, a series of annual gatherings of food thought leaders across the United States.

Otherwise, you can find me reviewing restaurants for The Brooklyn Paper, whipping up a storm in the kitchen, eating a sandwich, or getting lost in Manhattan.

How did you become interested in food?

At 13, I started a catering business, WA Catering, with a friend outside of Boston. We catered dinner parties and weddings and birthdays until we graduated high school. We wore chef coats and had business cards and only catered on the weekends. We did all the cooking, friends helped us serve. I miss it, and sometimes still cater a party here and there.

My interest in food writing began while abroad in Italy my sophomore year of college. Upon returning to the US, I started the blog Dorm Room Dinner and interned at the food sites Serious Eats and Food52 in New York City. Since then, I've continued to write about food. You can see where I currently contribute below.

What was Dorm Room Dinner?

Dorm Room Dinner was my first food blog, which I started as a junior at Wesleyan University. I wrote about cooking at college, recipes that I would make with friends, commentary on the food world, and even made some fun videos - one shows me smashing cupcakes with a hammer.

While at Wesleyan, I also sold sandwiches at the local farmers market, contributed a recipe column to the newspaper, wrote my thesis on Italian food in New York City, and organized Foodstock, a national conference on food writing.

I graduated from Wesleyan in May 2012.

Where else do you contribute? 

The Huffington Post
The Brooklyn Paper
Serious Eats
Edible Nutmeg Magazine
CIBO Magazine
Big Girls, Small Kitchen
Heritage Radio